PETA Says Milk Is A ‘Symbol Of White Supremacy’

Do you drink milk? Well, you’re a racist apparently.

Animal rights group PETA are always doing or saying something completely outrageous, whether it’s barbecuing dogs in the middle of Trafalgar Square, or telling people that eating too much chicken will affect their children’s penis size.

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Well this week they’re up to their old shenanigans – this time equating healthy nutritious milk with Nazism.

PETA released this video declaring that milk is the neo-Nazi drink of choice:

What a load of nonsense. Or is it? Google ‘Nazi milk’ and you’ll find loads of pictures of blatantly racist people enjoying milk, and even a quote of Adolf Hitler talking about milk. Look:




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Coincidence? I think not. Especially when you consider the most damning piece of evidence from this documentary a few years ago:

So there it is – case closed. Milk is for racists and PETA are absolutely bang on about that. Just like the time they equated Pokemon with animal cruelty.


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