PETA Just Barbecued A Dog In Trafalgar Square

PETA dog

Well that’s out of character.

OK, so we know PETA do love their extreme techniques, but I don’t think anyone quite predicted their most recent move. The animal rights organisation decided to barbecue a dog in the middle of Trafalgar Square.

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OK, so it wasn’t quite a dog, It was actually a pig. OK, so it wasn’t even a pig. It was a sort of half pig, half dog shaped lump of meat substitute. But I think they proved their point.

The whole idea was to get people to realise that meat free barbecues can be just as good, while also highlighting the idea that we wouldn’t eat dogs, so why eat pigs, because they’re even more intelligent than dogs anyway.

PETA dog 2

PETA Director Elisa Allen said:

When it comes to the capacity to suffer and feel pain and fear, a dog is no different from a pig, a chicken, or a cow.

PETA is encouraging people who find the thought of eating dog distasteful to keep all animals off their plates and grills this bank-holiday weekend.

Yeah fair play. I guess we expect nothing less from the most extreme vegan organisation in the entire world. We’re just relieve they’re not chucking blood filled Happy Meals at children.

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