PETA Is Now Saying That Eating Too Much Chicken Will Make Your Child Have A Small Dick

They’ve officially gone too far this time.

People aren’t too happy with PETA today after the organisation published a video warning mothers that eating chicken during pregnancy can give your son a small penis.

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Amazingly, it isn’t even an April Fool’s joke.

Watch the video below — apparently there’s some science to it:


The claims might seem outrageous, but apparently PETA later linked its Facebook followers to a 2008 study called “Environmental phthalate exposure in relation to reproductive outcomes and other health endpoints in humans.” This study drew a link between penis size and types of phthalates called DEHP and MEHP.

This isn’t the first time PETA has come out with this chicken/penis size link. Their associate director wrote a whole letter about it to the founder of the National Buffalo Wing Festival a couple years back. I don’t know how much you can buy into the science of it but I’d say it’s nothing more than scaremongering on their part.

Besides if a pregnant woman craves chicken, she’s eating chicken no matter what. The risk of ending up with a small-dicked son doesn’t even come into it. Sorry PETA, need to come up with some better scare tactics than that.


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