People Are Selling McNuggets And Big Macs On eBay Now That McDonald’s Is Closed

Get bidding.

One of the side effects of Coronavirus has been that I’ve truly realised how much people love McDonald’s in this country after I witnessed the insane avalanche of people queuing up for one last takeaway before they decided to close their doors on Monday.

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And just when you thought that it couldn’t get any stupider, it has done. It turns out that not only were people enjoying one last takeaway on Monday when they were rushing to the fast foot outlet, but the more business savvy among you out there were also stocking up on McDonald’s items that they could sell on eBay to all those addicts out there at an inflated price during this troubled time.

Since Monday, the following items have appeared on the auction website:

In fairness to the guy selling the burger at least, it looks like he’s not trying to make a quick buck off it from his item description:

This is a collector’s item only and I DO NOT recommend eating this burger.

Please note that while all measures have been put in place to ensure the pristine condition of this burger the likelihood of this burger deteriorated is high.

100% of all proceeds of the sale will go to our amazing NHS staff on the front line battling this virus.

Good luck and stay safe.

Fair play to him I suppose. Not so sure about the person that’s willing to pay £12 for it though – is he gonna eat it or just put it on his mantelpiece and look at it/smell it during the quarantine?

Either way it’s pretty weird to be dropping that much on it, even if he can style it out and say he was only doing to because it was going to the NHS. Just make a direct donation dummy!

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