There Were Massive Queues Outside McDonalds Takeaways Today As They Prepared To Close

People needed that last Big Mac fix.

I know that McDonald’s is somehow one of the most popular restaurant chains in the world and this country, but I didn’t think that people would be so sad and desperate for their below average food that they would literally be queuing massively to get it one last time before they closed their doors indefinitely at 7pm tonight.

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Turns out I was completely and utterly wrong though as us Brits lived up to our stereotype of complete and utter idiots once again and piled on into McDonald’s drive thrus all across the country to get that last delicious bite of a Big Mac or Filet-O-Fish or whatever tickles your fancy. Here are a couple of the best pictures and videos of the scenes from social media:

I mean honestly words fail me as to why people think that McDonald’s is so good in this situation. It’s not even the best of the fast food restaurants out there so I can’t actually fathom that this many losers are actually willing to wait around for half an hour or whatever for one last fix. What the hell is wrong with people?

For more of the same, check out all the Greggs closing tomorrow as well. Lockdown imminent.


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