Paul Gascoigne Sexually Assaulted A Woman On The Train Then Said He Was Just Trying To ‘Boost Her Confidence’



A year back English footballing legend/notorious wreckhead Paul Gascoigne was arrested for sexually assaulting a woman on a train, but the actual details have only now come to light.

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As per the Daily Mail, it turns out Gazza drunkenly grabbed and ‘forcefully’ kissed the female train passenger on the lips before telling police ‘I kissed a fat lass’.

Gazza, 52, was drunk and swearing on a York to Newcastle train at Darlington and ‘cornered’ his victim who had moved to get away from him.

He grabbed her face with his hands and forced a kiss on her lips, causing the woman to freak out as other passengers intervened.

When confronted by other passengers, Gascoigne told them he had tried to give the woman a ‘confidence boost’.

The woman told the court how Gazza had food all over his face and was being ‘very noisy’ on the train, saying:

There were lots of cans on the floor.

He certainly seemed drunk, intoxicated.

Midway through the journey he asked me if I was a palm reader. I said no and tried to keep looking forward.

He then tried to sit on her lap, at which point she tried to get away from him.

He kept saying sorry. I said ‘It’s fine’. I was just looking out of the window. He said sorry a second time, and then tapped my arm.

I turned around to face him and he grabbed my face and kissed me full on the lips, and I was taken aback because it was just completely out of the blue.

She described the kiss as ‘sloppy’ and ‘forceful’:

It was not a peck on the cheek.

I just completely froze.

When police later arrested Gazza at his hotel in Newcastle, he was still drunk off his face and immediately knew why the police were there.

Prosecutor William Mousley QC said:

He immediately told them he knew what it was about saying he had in his words “kissed a fat lass”.

Instead of showing any real contrition he lied by making up a story that he had overheard someone abusing her about her build and weight.

He had given her, he said, a peck on the lips to reassure her because he felt sorry for her.

He appeared to indicate that what he had done was not serious and nothing to be bothered about.

He denied trying to sit on her and said that if his behaviour was sexual harassment then he had been a victim for 20 years or more every time he had been kissed.

Damn, just when you think Gazza might be about to turn the corner, another story like this comes out where he continues to just completely trash his own reputation. The way he’s tried to frame it like he was just giving this girl a confidence boost is classic drunken Gazza, and obviously it’s not OK in any way, shape or form.

Sounds like Gazza still really has a blast getting drunk and going around harassing and trolling people- has he really given up hope in sorting himself out?

For the time Gazza claimed he would hold Les Ferdinand’s penis for good luck before games, click HERE. Pretty sure Les would rather he didn’t tell that story.



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