Patrick Hutchinson Says Man He Rescued From BLM Beatdown Hasn’t Even Reached Out To Thank Him

How’s that for gratitude?

Remember that iconic image from the BLM protests in June of a hench black dude carrying a white guy to safety after he had been set upon by a load of angry activist types?

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How could you forget? It was everywhere:

Well nearly six months on, personal trainer Patrick Hutchinson has revealed that the man he rescued has yet to reach out to him, let alone thank him, for possibly saving his life.

50-year-old Patrick, who has done plenty of TV appearances since and is set to release his first book ‘Everyone Versus Racism: A Letter To My Children’, told Piers & Susanna on GMB:

That day, I was really just trying to protect him from being harmed.

I can’t say to what degree he was going to be harmed, but I didn’t want to stand there and find out.

So I made it my business to intervene because I knew I could. I haven’t heard from that man.

I’ve heard nothing from him. I’m sure he’s OK, as I am.

I’m sure he knows exactly what I’m doing, so yeah, I’ve heard nothing.

Jeez, how’s that for gratitude? I can’t imagine any situation where someone rescues you from a violent, dangerous situation, becomes a national hero in the process, and you don’t even reach out to say thank you? Makes you wonder whether the victim, 55-year-old Milwall fan Bryn Male, has learnt anything whatsoever from the experience.

During the interview, Patrick also described how he was stopped & searched 30 times in one week after getting into an argument with a police officer. After being stopped and searched 3 times in one day when driving his new car, this happened:

On the third occasion I was stopped, I lost my rag and I was rude to the police officer, and he said to me, ‘I am going to show you what being stopped is really like.’

I got in the car and drove on, and about an hour later I was stopped again, and about half an hour later I was stopped again.

It dawned on me that he had radioed in, given my registration number, and told them to stop me on sight.

It happened for the whole week, and I cropped up over 30 stops.

He also spoke about his new book and his hopes for the future:

What a sound bloke. I still just cannot believe that the Milwall fan hasn’t reached out to thank him, even though, weirdly, I just found this interview he gave to The Sun after the incident in which he said he really wanted to meet up with Patrick and thank him in person:

I would love to stand there and shake that man’s hand who saved my life.

If you could feel the pain I’m in now. He saved my life. I take my hat off to his cause.

If he was here today I would say, thank you big man. He is a humble nice man and I can only say I want to meet up in the future and give him a hug and thank him.

Guess he’s been too busy or something? Oh well, maybe he’ll put his thanks in a Christmas card or something.

For a supercut of ‘far right’ football lads fighting BLM protesters in London, click HERE.


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