Palestine’s Answer To The Stupid Ice Bucket Challenge Is The ‘Remains Challenge’

The next time someone nominates you for the ALS challenge, ask them if they even know what ALS stands for.

The only way you can have avoided seeing videos of the ice bucket challenge is if you were living in the middle of a war zone… Oh hang on a minute, even people in war zones haven’t avoided it.

To help raise awareness of the plight of Palestine they’ve adapted the ice bucket challenge slightly. They’ve turned it into more of a rubble bucket challenge. I guess without electricity there’s probably not all that much ice around and they need all the water they can get for things like…. errr… you know… surviving. One thing they’re not short on though is sand and rubble.

The ice bucket challenge has raised over $80 million for ALS so far, but the rubble bucket challenge isn’t after cash, they just wants people to sit up and notice what’s going on. This is slightly off topic, but a colleague of mine the other day nominated me to do the ice bucket challenge and I said I’d do it if he could tell me what ALS stands for… needless to say I remained warm and dry.

Any how, videos of this version of the challenge started to emerge across the Middle East the other day. Good on them. They’re calling it the “remains challenge”. I’d like to think this might catch on over here too but it’s a bit trickier to get sand and rubble in the UK. I guess soil would do though? I nominate… Tony Blair.

This first video started off the ice bucket off-shoot. It stars the remains challenge inventor – Palestinian journalist Ayman al-Aloul…

Here’s another…

As I said, it’s not likely to take on over in the West, but in sandier countries it’s going down a storm. Here’s Jordanian comedian Mohammed Darwaza giving it a bash…

… and here’s a genuine Palestinian dude in Gaza doing it for the kids…

It goes without saying, but if any of you guys do a remains challenge video we will defo post it, so get down B&Q and buy yourself a bag of grit.


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