Paedo Claims That He Murdered Madeleine McCann With This Shocking Confession

Absolutely sickening.

A convicted paedophile made claims that he was the culprit behind the missing Madeleine McCann case in a sickening bid to try and get in contact with parents Kate and Gerry.

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31-year-old Aaron Collis, who has been charged with 11 sex offences against children, claimed that killed missing Maddie. He then started a website where he said that he purposely misled the police because he found it “funny” to mess with her parents. Speaking to Cambridge News, he said:

Aaron Collis

The reasons I lied was to service my own purposes. I’ve got no reason to lie about anything else.

Whether people choose to believe what’s on the website. I don’t really care.

I’d rather people hate me than nothing at all. At least it’s an emotion. I want people to love me or hate me. I don’t want people to think I’m insignificant.

Well, in a sense he’s got what he wished for, because people definitely hate him. And that’s not even in addition to his previous crimes. Apparently Collis, who worked at a play centre and nursery, was outed as a paedo when a neighbour discovered child abuse images on a camera that he borrowed.

Aaron 1

This guy is obviously a sick fucker who enjoys being in the spotlight no matter what it’s for. Messing with such a high profile case just for your own personal enjoyment is disgusting, but it appears that Collis enjoys the controversy. It’s not like the case doesn’t have enough controversy all on its own, without people like Collis getting involved.


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