There’s A New Most Feared Terrorist On The Scene And His Name Is ‘Osama Bin Bieber’

Is this the most easily hateable terrorist ever?

Word on the terrorist scene is that 18-year-old Mohammed Hadi from Coventry has joined ISIS — a powerful Islamic militant group wreaking havoc across Syria and Iraq, so far killing thousands of people.

Mohammed is known as ‘Osama Bin Bieber’ to those who know him because I suppose a) he’s partial to terrorist ideas and b) erm… he looks like Justin Bieber? He’s a huge Justin Bieber fan?

They say Bieber (on the left) was radicalised by extremist clerics at a madrassa (religious school) in Coventry and travelled to the Middle East back in March when his parents reported him missing. People on Twitter spotted him in the northern Syrian town of Sarrin:

Has there ever been a more easily hateable terrorist in the history of terrorism? Not only is he a ‘terrorist’ but he’s named after Justin fucking Bieber. Possibly named HIMSELF after Justin Bieber. Who does he think he is — the bad boy of terrorism or something? Thinks he’s going to get all the chicks because he’s blowing things up in Syria and Iraq?

Time to reel it in for Mo I think or maybe he’ll get sniped by a killer shot from half a mile away before he does any serious damage.


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