Kanye West’s Daughter SHUTS DOWN Paparazzi Trying To Photograph Her On The Way To Ballet Class

You know, just normal kid stuff.

Just your normal, everyday childhood right here. Putting on a ballet costume, running off to class, having a bunch of weird old men trying to take photos of you. Hey guys, you heard her, she said “no pictures”.

Watch below:

So, again, you’ve got to be intrigued as to how North West turns out when she gets older. We’ve already seen Will Smith’s kids evolve into complete and utter nut jobs, and surely any offspring produced by Kanye West is destined to be even crazier. I mean it wasn’t that long ago they had her rocking a bullet-proof vest FFS.

Or maybe she’ll just be so used to the bright lights and fame that it won’t even bother her in the slightest. Either that or she’ll have a crack addiction by age 7. You heard it here first.


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