North Korea’s Incredible Attempts To Encourage Tourism

North Korean holiday brochures from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s look epic.

The images look pretty modern for the time, the language isn’t as stilted as it often seems in North Korean diatribes these days. All in all they come across like an up and coming nation who wants to say “hello” to the wider world.

North Korea Tourism Posters - 1991 interior

This brief glint of welcome-with-open-arms was a flash in the pan though. 1991 came and went and the (semi) open door policy slammed shut. With the crash and burn of the Soviet empire came a severe drop in funds and aid to North Korea. Couple this slash in income with some financial numbskullery by the elite and some particularly harsh winters and you’ve got trouble.

The country descended into famine and the DPRK head honchos piled whatever money they had into the military, rather than feeding the hungry. Cheers lads.

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