North Korea’s Incredible Attempts To Encourage Tourism

North Korean holiday brochures from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s look epic.

By 2009 they had improved their design skills though. Only joking!:

North Korea Tourism Posters - 2009

This stuck-in-the-mud design isn’t just due to the crushingly introverted nature of the regime; most artistic types are government employed and as such it makes a lot more sense for them to replicate what has gone before. Standing out in North Korea isn’t as much of a cool thing to do as it might be at a Shoreditch media agency. Fitting seamlessly into the groove however is applauded, well… not punished, at least.

Remember the news that men in North Korea were expected to have their hair cut like Kim Jong un? Whether that tale was true or not, it’s certainly not in the realms of fantasy.

North Korea Tourism Posters - retro

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