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Noboru Iguchi is a Japanese film maker who makes some of the most ridiculous fucked up films we’ve ever seen

Japan is a pretty fucked up place. Whether it be televising bug fights or licking each other’s retinas the Japanese people always seem to be doing something completely mental. Enter Noboru Iguchi, a Japanese film director with an impressive 48 titles under his belt, each one as fucked up and ridiculous as the last.

Noboru Iguchi

Iguchi started out directing adult movies in the early nineties, with iconic titles such as Doctor’s Enema and Double Horny, but has moved on to making horror/gore flicks as porno was a bit tame for his tastes. If you took Hostel or SAW, removed all the realistic special effects and CGI, asked a group of 13 year old boys what their favourite body parts, functions and fluids were, added as many stereotypical Japanese things as you could think of and poured an oil tanker of corn syrup and red food colouring on top of it all you would have one of Noboru Iguchi’s films.

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Here are a few trailers for his movies on the following pages (NSFW):

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