Moody Photos Of Abandoned Buildings By Niki Feijen

From churches to farm houses to radioactive ruins, Niki Feijen’s urban exploration has thrown out some completely incredible photos.

This was once a brewery during the years of prohibition, mixing up some potent moon shine no doubt.

Niki Feijen - UrBex - Abandoned Buildings - Prohibition Brewery

Below is a picture taken within Chateau Clochard, a well hidden 15th Century church. Bagsy not sleeping there for the night.

Niki Feijen - UrBex - Abandoned Buildings - Stain Glas and Doll - Chateau Clochard 15th Century church

So there you go. Niki Feijen ladies and gentlemen. His book “Disciple of Decay” was a limited edition print and sold out pretty much immediately, but keep your eyes peeled for more releases. His next book would make the perfect edition to anyone’s skinning up tray. 10 weeks to Christmas……

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