Nightmarish Japanese Photography Based On Grimm Fairy Tales

Miwa Yanagi puts the “grim” back into Grimm’s fairy tales.

I like having a delve into the corners of the internet, on the hunt for weird and disturbing imagery. I still get a childish buzz from it. When you’re a wee nipper, and you’re finding your feet in the world, you want to find images and videos of people having their limbs chopped off or their brains blown out. It kind of gives you a rush at the time but, ultimately, it makes you feel horrible.

As you get older, you stop looking for the gore stuff because you know you’ll regret it. But the desire to look at the bleaker side of things still remains, which is why I like hunting for weird and depressing photography. It still gives you that WTF buzz, but you know that no one was injured in the making, which makes all the difference.

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Miwa Yanagi is a Japanese photographer who has been creating odd and intriguing images since the 60’s. She creates elaborate, staged scenes then uses some computer manipulation after the event. The selection of images below are mostly from her series titled “Fairy Tale”.

The images are based on Grimm’s fairy tales, the original versions of which were a lot grimmer than the translated versions we all ended up hearing as kids. For instance, the Grimm brothers wrote a fairytale called “How the Children Played at Slaughtering”. Quite heavy metal, right? It involves a group of children playing at being a butcher and ends with a boy slitting the throat of his little brother, only to be stabbed in the heart by his enraged mother. Not exactly bedtime fodder.

So you can imagine that anything based on the Grimm brother’s moody tales is going to be a little bit odd. And it is. Her stuff is really weird. Check it out:

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Miwa Yanagi - Fairytale 1

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