Nickelback Might Just Have Put An End To ‘Nickelback Are Shit’ Jokes For Good


They are still shit though.

Nickelback have to be one of the most hated bands in the world. People detest these guys’ music so bad, someone came up with an app that plays their tracks every time you try to contact your ex. And another guy even created a scientific reason as to why everyone dislikes them so much. That’s some bad publicity right there.

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Most of the time Nickelback just seemed to keep quiet about it and carry on as they were, but now it appears the band have said enough is enough and decided to nip it in the bud once and for all.


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Over the weekend, UK band Royal Blood sent out the following tweet, trying to say that Nickelback was as bad as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton combined. Harsh.

But rather than bending over and taking it like a bitch, they decided to Tweet back with the most ultimate burn ever, which might just put an end to ‘Nickelback are shit’ jokes once and for all.

Ouch. Hope those guys don’t scar easily because that was one serious burn. For the first and probably last time I’ll ever say this in my life – nice one Nickelback. It doesn’t stop them from being shit, but at least it gives them some credit and maybe people will be less quick to rinse them on social media.

Then again, maybe not.


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