People Are Furious That The NHS ‘Appropriated’ The Rainbow Flag From The LGBT Community

Can’t believe this.

‘Cultural appropriation’ is one of those things that keeps popping up every few months, whether it’s to do with non-Egyptians dressing up as Cleopatra for Halloween, white people dreadlocking their hair, or non-Italians cooking spaghetti (I made that last one up but I’m just trying to give a sense of how ridiculous and divisive the whole concept is).

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This week we have a number of people on Twitter, and even an article from Forbes, questioning the NHS’s use of the rainbow flag. No, seriously:

And some of the discussion on Twitter:

Of course, the majority of LGBT people have no issue with the NHS using the rainbow – which is at the end of the day a symbol of hope and peace and happiness that ‘belongs’ to no one. Rainbow symbols were around in Ancient Greece and Rome and have been used in art, literature and religion ever since. Come to think of it, how is it even possible to appropriate a rainbow FFS?

Sadly, there’s always a vocal minority on the extreme end of any community who have to ruin it for everyone else by manufacturing division and tension where there previously wasn’t any. I mean imagine having any issue with this whatsoever! Hopefully just another bit of recreational outrage that no one with any stroke or influence will take seriously at all.

For the time MS sufferer Selma Blair was accused of culture appropriation because she wore a head wrap, click HERE.


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