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patrik jakubik

Patrik Jakubik is the 9 year old kid who is completely sick at football who we feature regularly on Sick Chirpse. Here’s his latest skills video, and he’s even better than before.

We’ve featured Patrik Jakubik on the site a few times now and even become friends with his father through email and conducted an interview with the kid himself. I asked his father to keep sending me videos of him playing in matches and training and being a complete badass at football, but to be honest he had sent me quite a few recently so when I saw his name in the Sick Chirpse inbox again I wasn’t entirely sure if I was going to bother featuring another video of his again. I didn’t want to overkill it , you know?

But I checked out the video and was completely blown away. Again. This time Patrik Jakubik is playing football in some tournament on grass and he’s completely owning it again with his skills. Sure, some of his passing isn’t QUITE as good as it has been in previous videos but the skills he showcases are immense, as is his awareness of just where everyone is on the pitch when he picks up the ball and lays it off to them.

His skills are completely sick as he regularly picks up the ball and does a Marseille roulette, or just dribbles past two players in a really tight space like they aren’t even there. I don’t want to speak too prematurely but the way he’s so small going up against bigger kids and completely dicking them thanks to his tight control really does remind me of Lionel Messi. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Patrik Jakubik turns out to be as good as the greatest player in the modern game though.

It’s a shame Patrik doesn’t score in the video to be fair as he does everything else in this highlights video, but he does have a couple of good efforts and the video is mainly about him just looking completely sick as he dances around a bunch of kids who are bigger than him and have to resort to pushing him over to get the ball off him. What a complete badass.

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