Neil DeGrasse Tyson Questions Elon Musk Over This Clip Of The Cybertruck’s ‘Engine Power’

Big brains collide.

Elon Musk may have lost $768 million following the Cybertruck’s flop unveiling the other week, but he’s since announced that he’s received 200k orders for the electric truck (probably more by now) so it looks like the publicity paid off.

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Well yesterday Elon Musk shared this video on Twitter attempting to demonsrate the Cybertruck’s engine power by having it pull an Ford F-150 up a hill:

Looks pretty impressive to the casual eye. Except astrophysicist and super smartass Neil DeGrasse Tyson needed more proof:

So basically what NDT is saying is that Elon’s stunt doesn’t actually prove how strong the Cybertruck engine is, but rather the Physics of Friction; that the Cybertruck displayed its prowess from the weight carried by the spinning tires – which is the source of traction – not engine power.

Naturally Elon Musk had some responses:

It looks like they’re cool with each other in the end, I think? Of course the next step is for Musk and his team to load up the two trucks and re-try the demonstration. Would he have bothered in NDT hadn’t tried to out-big brain him?

Elon Musk also recently apologised for smoking weed with Joe Rogan last year. How else do you think he comes up with these ideas?


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