Elon Musk Has Received 200,000 Orders For His Cybertruck


I don’t think anyone laughed as much as I did on Friday when Elon Musk unveiled his new Cybertruck and everyone kinda compared it to Lara Croft in the original Tomb Raider game and then his shatterproof demonstration didn’t even work as they ended up breaking a window.

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The launch itself was such a disaster that it caused Tesla’s share price to drop by 6%, but Elon Musk is undeterred by this revealing that 150,000 people have already ordered a CyberTruck and that this number later increased to 200,000. Take a look at his self aggrandizing tweets below:

Ugh does he want to suck his own dick any more? The thing is, this only refers to people paying a fully refundable $100 deposit to register their interest, so it’s not exactly like 200,000 people have agreed to pay the $40,000 required to actually purchase one when it’s finally released in 2021 – although knowing Tesla it will probably be heavily delayed anyway. I wouldn’t bother investing if I was you, but I guess if you want to drive something like the CyberTruck then Tesla do pretty much have a monopoly on the market out here.

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