Check Out ‘The Art Of The Brick’ – Nathan Sawaya’s Crazy Art With Lego

Nathan Sawaya Lego Art

Nathan Sawaya’s ‘The Art of the Brick’ exhibition launched in New York this week, here’s a look at some of the crazy sculptures he’s created using just lego bricks.

I’m not the greatest lover of art – sure I can stand there, look at something and appreciate that it takes skill to create but I’m not one for picking out hidden meanings or defining what a blank spot on a canvas symbolises. I’m not going to pretend like I know what defines or constitutes art, I just know the difference between shit that looks cool and shit that looks like a big blue square with a white line through it (sorry Barnett Newman).

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Here at Sick Chirpse we’re cultured enough to bring you the latest goings on from the world of art, whether it be; Daniel Edwards immortalising Kim Kardashian as a statue, the fucked up works of Dan LuVisi or Boneface and his impressive work for the new QOTSA album. Next to catch our eye is New York based artist Nathan Sawaya and his crazy work with Lego.

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Sawaya opened his ‘The Art of the Brick’ show at the Times Square Discovery museum this week and it’s pretty impressive stuff. There are over 100 sculptures at the exhibition with each one taking up to 3 weeks and 25,000 lego bricks to make. Sawaya also accepts commission work so if you’ve got the money, or daddy’s got the money you could have one of these sculptures for yourself.

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Below is a selection of some of my favourite Sawaya creations, if you want to see the work in real-life you’ve got until January 5, 2014 to go and see it;

The Swimmer


Open Chest


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