NASA Have Only Just Clocked A Huge Astroid Hurtling Towards Earth


How did NASA miss this one?

This Halloween, Earth is going to get sideswiped by Asteroid 2015 TB145. Scientists only spotted this ginormous hunk of rock on October 10th, which should give you some indication of how precariously our lives hang in the balance as we bob about in space, oblivious to the perils of the universe. I mean, c’mon, who the fuck misses something 2,034 meters across, hurtling towards the earth at 78,293 mph? NASA need to step their game up, and stop messing around on Mars looking for water.


It’s highly unusual that an asteroid of this size wasn’t picked up on sooner. That’s because it’s been moving erratically — which is reassuring not in the slightest — and in what NASA calls a ‘high inclination orbit.’ Now, I’m not going to pretend to know what that means, but I will say it sounds a lot like this asteroid has its own ideas about where it wants to go. That can’t be a good thing.

Don’t start duck and covering just yet though. Near, in terms of space, is still a fair way off – about 310,000 miles at NASA’s current estimate. NASA reckon that there is virtually no chance of us being hit by any significant pieces of space rock, at least not for another 100 years. Having said that, they didn’t spot TB145 till last week.

So, yeah, they sound like they have everything under control…


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