Man Stuck With 17,700 Bottles Of Hand Sanitiser After eBay Cracks Down On Coronavirus Profiteering

Well that backfired.

Hand sanitiser has become something of a premium product since coronavirus panic picked up, and it’s not just because people are hoarding it for themselves, but also because of dickheads like Matt and Noah Colvin from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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The brothers had a clear gameplan: to profit from coronavirus by basically buying up all the hand sanitiser they could and reselling it. They literally did a 1300 mile road trip across Tennessee and Kentucky with a truck and filled it with thousands of bottles of hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes.

The bros then stuck them on Amazon and eBay and proceeded to sell 300 bottles from $8 to $700 (!)… until Amazon and eBay saw what was going on and took their listings down. Whoops!

Via The NY Times:

“It’s been a huge amount of whiplash,” he said. “From being in a situation where what I’ve got coming and going could potentially put my family in a really good place financially to ‘What the heck am I going to do with all of this?’”

Mr. Colvin does not believe he was price gouging. While he charged $20 on Amazon for two bottles of Purell that retail for $1 each, he said people forget that his price includes his labor, Amazon’s fees and about $10 in shipping. (Alcohol-based sanitiser is pricey to ship because officials consider it a hazardous material.)

Lol – is this guy for real?

Current price-gouging laws “are not built for today’s day and age,” Mr. Colvin said. “They’re built for Billy Bob’s gas station doubling the amount he charges for gas during a hurricane.”

He added, “Just because it cost me $2 in the store doesn’t mean it’s not going to cost me $16 to get it to your door.”

Sounds like the Colvin brothers are the real victims of the coronavirus epidemic.

 “I honestly feel like it’s a public service,” he added. “I’m being paid for my public service.”

Hilarious – this guy actually thinks he’s some kind of hero coming to everyone’s rescue and not someone who’s obviously just trying to make some extra $$$ by taking advantage of the panic and lack of supply out there (thanks to idiots like him).

As for his remaining stockpile of 17,700 bottles of hand sanitiser, the brothers are looking at selling them locally:

If I can make a slight profit, that’s fine. But I’m not looking to be in a situation where I make the front page of the news for being that guy who hoarded 20,000 bottles of sanitiser that I’m selling for 20 times what they cost me.

Um… you are literally letting the NY Times interview you about being about the guy with 20,000 bottles of sanitiser. Is this guy OK or what?

Would be pretty funny if he and his brother got infected now and they wouldn’t be able to sell their hand sanitiser because they’re quarantined and also wouldn’t be able to use it because they’re already infected. Well maybe not funny, but ironic.

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