Mutant Goat With ‘Human Face’ Is Being Worshipped Like A God In India (VIDEO)

Bow down.

The idea some cultures have that animals are holy isn’t really that shocking IMO. After all, there are some really cool animals out there – dogs, lions, zebras, elephants, penis fish, the list goes on and on. 

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However I don’t really understand the idea that deformed and mutated animals are a particular sign/gift from beyond. Take this human-faced goat from Rajasthan, India, for example – villagers in Nimodia are actually worshipping this thing “as an avatar of god.”

Don’t get me wrong – the goat itself is fantastic:

Like I said, a gorgeous specimen. It’s just a little difficult to consider it an avatar of god when it’s probably rolling around in its own shit all day.

Still, looking at this goat close-up, you can’t help but have your breath taken away by its glazed-over, pitch black eyes. Not every day you see eyes like that on a goat which I guess is what makes this one so special. Does that necessarily mean this goat is holy? Not in my book. Also why is his tongue hanging out like that? I think he’s trying to show off TBH. We get it dude, you have a  long tongue – doesn’t make you special no matter how much the villagers like to pretend that you are. Congrats on your 15 minutes of viral fame though. 

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