Psychotic Goat Attacks Pensioner Called Billy After Being Refused Entry Into Local Shop


A pensioner over in Northern Ireland had to be dragged to safety inside a shop after an angry goat went on a rampage down the main street of a quiet road.

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According to the manager of the Eurospar in County Antrim, the animal ran amok, jumping on cars and eating flower baskets while frightening staff and customers.


Jonathon Smyth said that the goat then turned its sights on regular customer Billy (you can’t make this shit up) who was buying his daily newspaper.

Smyth explained that the drama started early in the morning after the goat was refused entry in the store:

I thought it was the bread man but when I turned around I just saw this massive goat standing on its two hind legs. It seemed like it wanted to come into the shop and was looking straight at me.

It was running around the place, chasing customers and jumping up on cars.

It also butted one of our regular customers, Billy, who comes early every morning to get his paper.

We had to quickly open the doors and drag Billy inside. Thankfully the only real damage was to the plants which we keep outside. It ate them all but I thought, ‘I’m not going out there to tell it off.’

There was not much we could do to stop it. The goat just kept running up to the window and headbutting it.


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The goat was eventually stopped when a man, thought to be his owner, came and grabbed the animal by the horns and dragged him away.

What a crazy morning – I bet that was the most action that town has seen in years. For more crazy animals going on rampages, check out the time a flock of sheep went mental after eating a shitload of weed. Only in Wales.


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