Mulder And Scully Finally Reunite On The First X-Files Teaser Trailer

X Files Reunion

Will we FINALLY find out the truth?

We’ve known for a while that The X-Files will be coming back to our screens in ‘mini revival format‘ (whatever that means) in January 2016, but until now details about what would be going on have been fairly sketchy. Yes, someone said that some of the episodes would be related to the greater conspiracy and that there would still be ‘monster of the week’ episodes (although quite what the point of that is I’m unsure if this is just going to finally wrap up the series) but nobody really knew what the plan was.

Now, we’ve got some idea as two teasers were released last night during episodes of Gotham and Minority Report (which is apparently now a TV show?) over in the States, and to be honest even though this is probably going to be really bad (for reasons I’ll go into later), watching these two clips still got me totally pumped. Sorry about the quality of the first one but at the time of writing an official version of the trailer hadn’t been released so it’s a fan rip.

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Well, we still don’t really know what’s going on but at least we know Skinner and The Cigarette Smoking Man are still going to be in it which is pretty exciting. And there’s going to be some kind of flashback to some kinda German (?) army guys doing something in a field. Meh. At least Mulder is still being his usual cocksure self and Scully is still telling him he doesn’t know what he’s doing/to be careful. Some things never change.

To be honest, I can’t even remember what was going on towards the end of The X-Files (and wasn’t there a movie that came out a few years ago too that nobody bothered to watch?) because it all got so convoluted with all these stupid new characters like Doggett and Reyes and with its plot lines contradicting what had happened in earlier seasons that it kind of lost sight of what it was all about in the first place. Hopefully this mini revival might finally reveal the truth to us but I’m not holding my breath at all.

I will more than likely be watching this come January though unfortunately. At least it sounds like it’s going to be a lot better than the Prison Break revival which is also coming next year.


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