The Model Who Went On A Blow Job Tour Just Revealed Her Absolutely Insane Tally


Ultimate lockjaw.

I’m sure by now many of you know who Paola Saulino is. For those of you who missed it, this woman has been travelling around Italy giving out free blow jobs to the men who voted ‘no’ in a recent Italian referendum.

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The tour has gone down so well that she’s even thinking about coming to the UK to carry out her ‘pompa tour’ to the British Italian ‘no’ voters.

Paola, who lives in Rome and Las Angeles, has said she feels tired after the long and busy tour. Although she had originally set her sights on pleasuring 1 million men, she has fell incredibly short on her target. Nevertheless, she has managed to give blowies to a total of 700 men. I’m not sure why she thought 1 million would be possible, but regardless, bringing momentary happiness to 700 people is pretty good going I would say. Give yourself a pat on the back Paola.

She said:

I did around 700 in total.

I could do much more if someone helped me.

My idea was to give blowjobs, not to schedule everything.

It was a big deal. I wanted to do blowjobs, not organisation.

Well, if she does make it to the UK, hopefully she can get a good team on her side in order to spread her pleasure even further. But as said, 700 is a good amount. Well done Paola, you absolutely killed it.


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