MMA Fighter’s Cauliflower Ear Explodes In ‘Geyser Of Blood’ Mid-Fight

MMA fight ear

That’s gonna hurt in the morning.

MMA is a gory and violent sport and over the years, it has seen some truly horrific injuries going down in the ring.

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One of the most gruesome has to be the time Leslie Smith’s cauliflower ear exploded, but I think this one might just take the cake with regards to the gore factor. The footage, which was taken from a match at an Atlas Fights event a couple of years back, shows Rance Jones and Dion Rizzuto in the ring. Things take a disgusting turn when Rance swings at Dion’s cauliflower ear:

That blood spray got some serious reach:

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 10.55.21

Ouch. In case you were wondering, Rance (predictably) won the fight.

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