MMA Fighter Talks Mad Trash On His Opponent; Gets Choked Out And Rinsed Back

MMA Fighter Mad Trash Choked Out

‘I’m gonna get rid of his silly Justin Bieber haircut.’

There’s nothing better than a guy who talks the talk but can’t walk the walk – that’s why everyone loves Conor McGregor so much because he actually backs up all his shit talking – and this video proves it yet again.

It’s from an MMA event over in Eastern Europe somewhere where a fight has been scheduled betweens one dude called Anzor Azhiev and another dude called Vaso Bakocevic. Bakocevic can’t resist trash talking Azhiev before the fight, saying he’s gonna beat the crap out of him and destroy his little Justin Bieber haircut when they step into the octagon on Saturday night.

Of course, as is so often the case this isn’t what happened at all and Bakocevic ended up tapping out. Pussy.

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Oof, that’s not so good dude. I mean yeah of course the fight is edited to make it look like Azhiev is the absolute king and only shows parts where he’s battering Bakocevic or Bakocevic is looking stupid, but it still appears as though Azhiev did absolutely dominate him. And in the end he made him tap anyway so that’s that.

Wonder if his mashed up face after the fight looked as bad as any of these?


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