Conor McGregor And Nate Diaz Just Had The Best Press Conference In UFC History

Conor McGregor Nick Diaz Stare Off


The Conor McGregor Nate Diaz fight is growing momentum and hype fast – and it has to really as there’s only little over a week to promote it – and the two of them really went for it in their press conference, probably making it the best press conference in UFC history.

In general, these things are drab affairs that are only brightened up by Conor McGregor’s trash talks. Usually it’s just athletes talking about how they’re in the best shape of their lives blah blah blah boring. Throw Nate Diaz in against Conor though and you get an absolutely epic slanging match as both of them end up shouting at each other and swearing their asses off in order to try and get their insults across.

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Yeah, I’ve never seen a press conference like that with the two of them constantly swearing and talking over each other – it was almost like an exaggerated wrestling promo. Incredibly, over 200,000 people tuned in to watch the live stream of that press conference, which is absolutely unbelievable to be honest. Some geek even crunched the numbers and said that it beat every single WSOF event shown on NBC ever except for the top six. Nuts.

It seems like people are more behind McGregor V Diaz than they ever were for McGregor V Dos Anjos. It’s gonna be a good one and probably the best thing about it is that there’s actually only a week left to wait for it.

To get even more pumped up, check out this documentary that charts Conor’s rise to the top.


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