Girl’s Parents Write Brutal Letter Disowning Her For Being In An Interracial Relationship

The fact a letter like this can be written in 2016 is pure insanity.

I always think it’s pretty daft when anyone shares personal family business on social media, but in this case I think what the girl’s done is fair enough. I mean it’s just such a savage letter that there’s really no way Stephanie Hicks and her parents can ever repair their relationship after this.

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Here’s the actual letter shared by Stephanie on Twitter earlier:


Even if you are a person with backwards, racists thoughts like this in 2016, the least you can do is keep them to yourself. Absolutely no excuse to be throwing that shit in your daughter’s face when she’s moving forwards with the rest of the world. Even if she ends up falling out with this kid and breaking up with him, I don’t know how she can ever forgive her parents for sending such a screwed up letter.

Good luck to these kids but honestly, so much pressure on Nike right now. You’re basically the ambassador for interracial relationships all around the world right now. You represent every single black kid in a relationship with a white girl. Don’t fuck it up Nike.

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