This 12-Year-Old Kid Who Karate Chopped An Armed Robber Is A Legend (VIDEO)

When watching thousands of hours of Power Rangers pays off.

A plucky 12-year-old over in Turkey stopped an armed robber in his tracks this week by blasting him with a karate chop to the neck that sent him packing.

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The thief walked into the jewellery store in Istanbul’s Bagcilar district carrying a bag and wearing a surgical mask, baseball cap and sunglasses. He slammed the satchel down on the counter and grabbed a gun from the waistband of his jeans.

The boy reacted in lightning-quick time and karate chopped the guy to pieces:

What an absolute legend. The rest of us used to dream of being in situations like this as 12-year-olds but this kid actually experienced it for real. You watch Power Rangers a thousand times and think to yourself, if I ever find myself in a situation like that, I’m going to fuck some people up big time. Well this kid actually did find himself in that situation and he grabbed it by the scruff of the neck. Didn’t cry or panic or shit himself, just karate chopped that guy in the throat and stunned him so much the guy legged it out of there. Respect to you, young man.

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