Miley Cyrus Dresses Up As Nicki Minaj For Halloween

miley cyrus nicki minaj featured

Miley Cyrus pulls off a killer costume for Halloween that might make everyone forget that her new hairstyle makes her look like a boy.

miley cyrus nicki minaj featured

Miley Cyrus used to be a big favourite here on Sick Chirpse, mainly because Party In The USA is just SUCH a banger but also because she’s actually pretty cool and does awesome stuff like smoke bongs and then later on admit that she’s actually a stoner, but she hasn’t been doing that much cool stuff lately so she’s been notably absent from the site. She did get a new haircut that made her look like a boy and we made fun of that a bit, but it’s not really cool stuff like smoking a bong at your 18th birthday party is it?

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Neither is dressing up a Nicki Minaj for Halloween really, but you gotta say that the girl has made an effort to get it right this year and people seem to love seeing celebrity Halloween costume so we figured we would show you the picture here. I don’t think Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus have any beef so it isn’t meant in the same way that Bizzy D dressed up as his ex wife Avril Lavigne for Halloween, it’s probably just meant as a compliment. And what a compliment huh?

I mean imagine if Miley Cyrus dressed up as you on Halloween – she could dress up as anyone on Halloween and she picked you. You would be absolutely buzzing about it no doubt. She even tweeted Nicki Minaj to let her know, that was how much she wanted her to know about her outfit. And her outfit itself is completely sick, she’s got the boobs, the butt, the hair – all the key ingredients that make up Nicki Minaj (except maybe her bullshit attitude but we’ll leave that for now). In fact, given her recent choice of new hairstyle, could it be possible that Miley Cyrus is turning all lesbian and has a crush on Nicki Minaj? That dude from The Hunger Games had better watch his back and maybe try and put a ring on it before things get too heated.

Nicki Minaj seems pretty keen on it too saying ‘Oh my god. She is the best Nicki Minaj impersonator I’ve seen in my life , she’s adorable!’ It’s only a matter of time guys, we’re telling you. In the meantime check out the picture that Miley Cyrus tweeted of herself as Nicki Minaj below. No idea who the other girl with her, probably someone she smokes up with regularly. No idea who her costume is meant to be either. Fvcking celebrity hangers on huh?

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