Meet The Mexican Devil Man

Ever considered making yourself look like a demon like this guy?

I reckon you can do what you like to your body, maybe you’ll regret it, maybe you won’t. We covered a Polish nut-job that had his eye tattooed and facial scarification a while back, but this is a few steps further down the road to mad town. I’m guessing this real-life devil man won’t regret his odd decisions as he’s clearly off his rocker.

Mr Caim Mortis (42) is of Mexican descent, but his staunch Catholic family disowned him (unsurprisingly), so he moved to Columbia where I’m sure he raises a few eyebrows and makes children cry.

Caim Mortis - Weird Tattoo Body

Mortis has spent the last few years of his life implanting things into his face and drawing on himself with permanent marker to quite incredible effect. He’s started a career as a DJ now, but jeez he looks creepy. He says he wanted to look “unique and different”, well he’s nailed that hasn’t he? Mr Mortis had this to say when interviewed…

When people first see me their normal reaction is to be shocked or amazed. The first thing they ask me is ‘does it hurt?’ or ‘who did this to you?’ One of the key motivations for my own body modifications has been to be unique and different compared to others in the world. Body modification culture has been around for ages, it is not just a fashion or a temporary fad although people presume it is.

Caim Mortis - Scary

Like I said at the beginning, you can do what you like mate. In my book it’s better to be mad looking than boring looking, but excuse me if I don’t follow suit. He’s not harming anyone, it’s not as if he befriended a young girl and tattooed his name on her face. That’s a different story all together.

Caim Mortis - Devil Man Close Up

Good luck to you Mr Mortis, I hope everything turns out OK. Have you considered cutting down on the number of lemons you suck though?


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