Man Tattoos His Name On Young Girls Face After Having Met For 24 Hours



Ruslan Toumaniantz - Ruslen - Lesya Tattoo 1

We’ve done quite a few shabby tattoo pieces on this magnificent website of ours. But this one, for me, is the worst. Not because it looks the worst per se, but because it it SO extreme and it seems to me, at face value (jokes) that some young girl’s life is going to be irredeemably screwed over. There’s plenty of numb nuts out there with facial tattoos, yes, but not many are young, attractive, innocent females.

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This guy Rouslan Tomumaniantz, or Ruslan for short, tattoed his own name on her face after having met her for just 24 hours. Seriously. They’d chatted online before but when they eventually met in Moscow they apparently fell deeply in love. WTF. If I knew someone for 1000 years and loved them more than Dairylea dunkers, I still wouldn’t get their name tattooed on me anywhere (unless it was really small and it involved me winning a substantial sum of money in a bet).

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They got engaged really soon after meeting, she said that the tattoo was a symbol of their eternal devotion. They could have just got a joint bank account or something. Getting a partner’s name permanently stained on your skin is never a good idea. It’s obvious. Unless you die at the exact same time as the person you’re with, one of you is going to have the name of someone they aren’t with any more still etched on them. Think it through. Show devotion by going halves on a pleasure cruise or something. Jeez.

So here she is looking very sweet and untarnished, she doesn’t look the type does she?:

Ruslan Toumaniantz - Ruslen - Lesya Before Tattoo

And here she is suffering for her weird fiances art:

Ruslan Toumaniantz - Ruslen - Lesya During Tattoo

And here she is looking really chuffed with the mess that has been made:

Ruslan Toumaniantz - Ruslen - Lesya Tattoo

And here’s the manipulative, fvcking horrible bastard of a man that did it. He’s not even a looker is he?:

Ruslan Toumaniantz - Ruslen With Lesya

Ruslen made the news in 2009 when he scarred the face of an 18 year old Kimberley Vlaemink with stars. She said she was asleep when he did it to try and avoid getting bollocked by her folks, but she was probs just tipsy. Man alive, look at this. OMG:

Ruslan Toumaniantz - Ruslen -  Kimberley Vlaeminck

So the moral of the story? Well…. I don’t think we need to say a word do we.

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