Instead of ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ we got ‘Imagine if Hamburglar could turn everything he touches into cheeseburgers!’

Before I’m lovin’ it, before McDonald’s Monopoly and before the Happy Meal, this is how McDonald’s used to advertise their products: with some dumbass advert in which Hamburglar (remember him?) dreams that he can turn anything into a cheeseburger just by touching it and then accidentally turns his head into a cheeseburger! That stupid purple thing is in it too, and the main man Ronald McDonald.

It isn’t really clear why they’re all hanging out though; I thought those guys hated Hamburglar because he always used to steal all the hamburgers!? More to the point, what the hell ever happened to all those guys? I don’t see them hanging around so much anymore. Probably ate too many cheeseburgers and got obese (even more obese in the case of that purple thing) and died or something.


Good joke at the end there Ronald. How did making adverts like this turn McDonald’s into the biggest fast food restaurant in the world?


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