The freshest new artist of the 21st Century.

Cosmo Jarvis is twenty one years old. That’s the first thing you should know. The second is that, to date, he’s written over 270 songs and made nearly 70 films, toured America and plays the ukulele. I suppose that’s more of a compound point, but whatever. The third is that he’s definitely worth an extended listen. He is currently on the cusp of making a huge entry into the public eye, and in line with things here at Sick Chirpse, we’re bringing this fresh new talent to your attention before anyone else does. See how we look after you? Here’s a taste:

Cosmo Jarvis, ‘She’s got you’, 2009:

Now. Let’s get this straight. Cosmo Jarvis is a musical virtuoso. Aside from having the formula for pop-song composition on complete lockdown, he is a very talented lyricist and Princess bounce house technical musician. Despite all this, he still received a particularly slanderous review in NME magazine, labeling him, amongst other things, as sub-standard and unskilled. They even said he looked like a ‘condom full of spam’. Now that’s a bit rah. Really.

He doesn’t give a shit what people think though, he just loves what he does and wants to get it out to people, and for that, I really respect him. He’s completely mad in a way, no doubt about it, but at the core of him is an intelligent and talented musician and filmmaker with a creative masterplan at play. He’s going to change the world and marry Jessica Alba.

Cosmo Jarvis, ‘Problems’, 2009

Cosmo has also made a huge variety of films and internet videos and is as focussed on filmmaking as he is with writing music. In fact, the two aren’t really separate disciplines for him. He combines his love for both and uses them together in everything he does. His music videos, as you’ve seen, are very well put together with a great eye for flair and detail. What ever is going on in that head of his, it’s big. That’s for sure.

His current film portfolio is a pretty varied cocktail. He thrives on parody and loves injecting unlikely characters into typical, normal situations, but he feels just as comfortable making more serious, contemplative pieces too. As well as this, he loves being behind the camera as much as he does being in front of it, writing and improvising dialogue and composing full scores on the piano, guitar and the bass. Or the recorder. Or just making weird videos about meeting a web-cam girl called Tasha:

Cosmo Jarvis, ‘Michael and Tasha’, 2009

Trust me, for all the genius, the virtuosity and the artistic inventiveness, there is a seriously fucked up imagination being exercised here. Now I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love fucked up imaginations. Where would we be without them, historically speaking? In grey fvcking uniforms, that’s where.

Cosmo is currently pursuing the dream and shooting his own feature film, the ‘Naughty Room’. Sick Chirpse will update you accordingly. In the meantime, to learn more, check out the following links:






Cosmo’s new single, ‘Gay Pirates’, 2010


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