Space Jam Website Still Online

Following on from yesterday’s post where we revisited a McDonald’s advert from 1985, we’re now taking a trip back to 1996 where you can check out the Space Jam website, which hasn’t been updated since that year. Check out the picture below and click here to check out the site

In case you don’t remember, Space Jam was a humongous 1996 starring NBA superstar star Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes, in which Jordan had to play on a team with the rest of the Looney Tunes to stop them being enslaved by some alien warlord or something. Even at the age of ten I think i thought it was a waste of time, but it killed it at the box office and was one of the biggest hits of the year. I guess not much has changed when trash like Tron: Legacy still performs amazingly at the box office.

However, it’s 1996 website went viral around the Christmas period when some stoned kid decided to visit it and post the link on, and with good reason. Checking it out, in all its Geocities glory, is like taking a trip back to the stone age of bad site design and obsolete phrases such as ‘check out other cool parts of the site.’ Is this really how they used to market major movies on the internet only 15 years ago?  Hilariously, the site also includes a thanks section detailing who was involved in its creation and there are at least 30 names mentioned. Say what?


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