How To Write Assignments Faster? Best Techniques Exposed

There are two types of students – those who like writing assignments and those who dread it. Regardless of which type you are, we all still have many issues with writing a paper fast and well. It takes years for writers to learn their style and find their voice. This is why it is very unfair to expect students good work from the first try. Thankfully, there are many techniques and small tricks that can help you write better and faster. So if you are wondering how to write a paper fast, here is a brief guide to answer your question. Enjoy!

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Have a writer’s mindset

You may be surprised but the answer to how to write good doesn’t lie in the writing itself. First of all, it’s all about your mindset. Good writing depends on how you manage your expectations, how you build your mindset. It is also a matter of why you are writing and what you want from it. In truth, you can be a good writer only under one condition. A good writer is one who can not stop writing. If you feel like you can die if you don’t write – you already halfway there to being a good writer.

Research first

Always research first. I can’t emphasize that enough. Research is the most important part of your assignment writing. Research first and you will have a deeper understanding of what you want to write. Moreover, while researching you are simultaneously doing two things. You are setting a working mood and you are looking for inspiration. Both those things are crucial if you want to finish up fast.

Organize your ideas

You may know what you want to write about but feel lost in your thoughts. This is absolutely normal. To overcome this you need to write the first draft trying to organizing all those thoughts into logical and connected paragraphs. Once you did it, you’ll see how easy the writing process can become. If you need some additional info on this, don’t be shy to ask the professionals.

Always outline

The context in writing, surely, is very important. But what more important is the way you want to apply this contest, how you are serving it to your readers. Outlining will help you in so many ways. Having an outline shows you where you start and where you are going. It helps you to define important thoughts and build your paper around them. An outline doesn’t just your structure. It gives you a clear vision, a map if you will. This allows you to write faster as you no longer feel lost in all those thoughts you are having.

Learn by writing

Writing a paper is never an easy task

Though do not forget that writing is a skill no different from any other skill. It is not a talent that you are born with. At least, it is not just that. Writing is a learning skill that you can develop with a lot of practice, patience, and persistence. There are going to be days when you think that everything that you write is worthless; other days you feel about yourself. Regardless, there is no trick on how to write better or write faster than just practicing it daily.


As you could notice from the article, writing is the last thing you should do what you are working on your paper. A good writer knows that before moving on to punching your keyboard, they need to finish a lot of work. My advice to you, never be lazy and neglect all those techniques. Doing the research is crucial for your understanding of the topic. An outline gives you the vision of what you are writing about. A good first draft will show you all of the weak spots and so on. Being smart about your work comes with preparedness to fail and having all the tools to fix. Just keep trying and faith in yourself! The rest will come with practice.


Susan Wallace is a freelance journalist and a successful blogger. A large portion of Susan’s writing is dedicated to aspiring writers and addresses the problems they are facing at the beginning of their professional journeys. In her free time, Susan is walking her dogs or goes hiking to the mountains.


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