Manchester’s Breaking Bad Graffiti Vandalised

Breaking Bad Graffiti Vandalised

Remember that awesome Breaking Bad graffiti we showed you on Monday? Some idiot has vandalised it.

You might remember on Monday we posted about this awesome Breaking Bad graffiti in Manchester from spraypaint graffiti artist Akse_P19. Everyone seemed to agree that it was pretty sick.

Everyone except for one guy that is. Akse_P19 posted the picture below on his Instagram account about an hour ago and it’s pretty outrageous. It seems like some dude calling himself Blakes has decided to draw what I think is a communist hammer and sickle and then the words Walter Shite all over it in blue crayon.

Aside from the fact that it obviously completely sucks that this dude has vandalised a great piece of artwork, the fact that he did it with a blue crayon and that it’s wholly unoriginal and borderline retarded makes the whole situation even worse. If you’re gonna vandalise something at least do a good job of it, you know? Like draw a dick on his head or something.

JK that wouldn’t be much better but I guess you see my point. Although I guess the whole reason behind vandalism is to make something cool look completely crap so this Blakes guy completely succeeded. Nice one dickhead.

If anyone in Manchester knows anything about this Blakes guy then let us know at and we’ll go round to his and stick that blue crayon up his ass.

Here’s the picture:

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Breaking Bad Graffiti Vandalised



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