Man Tries To Escape Prison Through The Toilet, Gets Covered In Shit


Sometimes I like to moan about my life A LOT, and then I get a little bit of perspective and realise that we here in the west ain’t got things so bad. We have access to things like vegan butchers, crisp sandwich cafes and hangover clinics.

That’s why whenever I see videos like this I get a pang of guilt for ever complaining in the first place. Not only does being in prison have to be one of the worst things ever, but this poor guy tried the old Shawshank Redemption style escape route and attempted to crawl down the sewage pipes of a communal toilet.

Unfortunately the outcome was not so successful and the man ends up still in prison — just covered from head to toe in human shit. Not the most romantic attempt at a prison break but you’ve got to hand it to him, he gave it a good try.

It is thought that the video was filmed from a prison in Brazil, and although I can’t imagine ever being so desperate as to crawl through a tunnel of human feces, it is fairly common knowledge that Brazilian prisons are not the most pleasant places to reside.

Hopefully the coverage from this video will help start a campaign to get him out of there. Or at least his mates will make sure he doesn’t make the same mistake twice.


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