Man Successfully Sues His Ex-Wife For Having Ugly Child

Jian Feng was so horrified at his daughters appearance that he accused his wife of cheating on him before successfully suing her for around £75,000.

People try suing their ex-wives for all sorts of reasons. Infidelity, unjustified custody of children, and gold-digging like a motherfucker are a few common reasons that spring to my mind. But how about suing your ex-wife because she gave birth to an ugly child? Yep, sounds insane doesn’t it, but that’s exactly what Chinese man Jian Feng did.

Feng, in such disbelief that he could father such a monstrous looking baby, initially accused his wife of infidelity. However, a few DNA tests later this was proven to the contrary (yes, they have uses outside of the Jeremy Kyle show).

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Finding out he was the biological father, however, didn’t stop his pursuit of justice for his wife’s despicable and unsightly birth. Instead, he carried on and took her to court, winning his case and successfully suing the poor lady for an amount that equals about £75,000. Damn!

The grounds for the case were apparently “false pretences.” You see, even though his wife may not have cheated on him, she did keep a little secret from him; the fact that she had undergone about £60,000 worth of plastic surgery in South Korea before they met and got married.

Here’s a pic of her before and after the surgery (sorry about the resolution):

Jian Feng Sues Wife Ugly Child

So, the judge (who has got to be some sort of woman-hating man) sided with Feng, agreeing that his wife had masked her ugly exterior with a fuck load of plastic and therefore had ‘tricked’ poor old Jian Feng into thinking she was beautiful. Absolute madness, but that’s China for you!

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Feng also had a little bit to say about his traumatising ordeal after the birth of his child. In his own words he proclaimed “”I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues”…”our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.”

Well, guess what Feng? Your “ugly” daughter is half your DNA my son, so think about that next time you check on that god awful face in the mirror.

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