China: Tourist Bridge Collapse Caught On Camera

Bridge Collapse

With the amount of people in China all jumping on top of each other trying to get places, it’s pretty surprising that something like this hasn’t happened before.

China is so busy and full of people climbing all over each other to get wherever they need to get to as quickly as possible, so it’s kind of surprising that more stuff like this hasn’t happened previously. Dozens of tourists were basically thrown directly into a river as they all clambered onto a bridge that wasn’t strong enough to support them as they headed to board the Sima Ferry on Lushan Mountain in the province of Jiangxi.

The CCTV camera footage clearly shows the bridge completely and utterly stacking it and the dozens of people on it plunging a couple of metres from it into the water below. They then splash around like idiots trying to get out whilst park employees launch a ‘rescue operation’ to try and get everyone out of there, which looked like it was really successful and well thought out. Fortunately there were no fatalities but over 10 people were injured and taken to hospital.

Park officials have stated that the wharf area where this incident took place has been open since September without incident (that isn’t exactly that long though, not sure if they factored that in to how dumb that statement would sound) and that it was designed to handle a capacity of 10,000 people. Only 5,000 people were at the park when all this went down though so I don’t know which genius said that.

They haven’t released a statement as to what actually went wrong, but you’ve gotta think it was probably some shoddy engineering work.

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