Man Calls Cops On Woman Who Demanded Too Much Sex

If you’re ever in a situation where you’re having too much sex, you can always call the cops.

Here’s a funny story. Some  43 year old German dude (they had to be German right?) picks up a  47 year old slut in some bar in Munich and heads back to hers and bangs her. Then he bangs her again. And one more time. Then he’s like screw this, I’ve gotta go home. Only she won’t let him leave. She demanded that he fvck her again. The guy was probably pretty tired so he tried to reason with her and avoid having sex with her again, but in the end he (obviously) just ended up having sex with her again.

However, she still wasn’t satisfied (Jesus Christ babe, give the guy a break) and refused to let  him leave her apartment until he had gone down on her a bit and banged her again. The guy was getting pretty tired now, and probably had to get back to his so he could get up for work or see his wife or whatever, so in an act of desperation he locked himself on her balcony and phoned the police and asked them to come get him.

That must have been a pretty good 999 (or whatever the number is in Germany before anyone gets too smart) call: ‘Hi, I’m in an emergency. This woman won’t stop having sex with me and I need to get out of here.’ Yeah, sure sounds like an emergency. I’m surprised they actually bothered answering the call and didn’t arrest him for prank calling them.

But they did, and the cops came and picked him up and escorted him from the apartment. The woman then tried to have sex with the police officers that came to sort it out obviously. This woman is crazy. You would think that by the age of 47 she would have realised that acting like that isn’t going to land her a boyfriend. Apparently there’s the possibility of her facing sexual assault charges too, which would be pretty interesting.


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