Man Accidentally Sends Video Of Himself Being Penetrated By Pet Dog To His Girlfriend


You hear and read a lot of weird stuff with this job, some of the most sordid being stories about bestiality. There’s the woman who was caught having sex with her dog in her garden, the guy who was busted getting freaky with his flatmate’s pooch, not to mention this man who accidentally sent his girlfriend a video of him having sex with his dog. Whoops!

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The last story bears a striking resemblance to the one we’re discussing today. The key difference? The guy  in this one was receiving instead of giving. Yep, I think he takes the (dog) biscuit when it comes to depravity.

Craig David Stern has since been arrested after filming himself having sex with his family’s 10-year-old bull mastiff named Chilly George (you can’t make this stuff up), forcing the poor thing to penetrate him on Christmas Eve of all nights back in 2016.

After sending the video to his girlfriend, she rightly called the police on the sicko, who charged his home and discovered 700 films of bestiality on the then Brisbane resident’s computer hard drive. What an absolute wrong’un.

During the recent court case, the former store manager pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court to one act of bestiality, although, unbelievably, he won’t be going to jail for his crimes.

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Yes, despite carrying out this sick and horrific act on his doggo, as well as the gross content found on his computer, Judge William Everson said he would not send him to jail.

The extent to which you are expressing yourself sexually through an inappropriate fetish in my view warrants a lengthy probation order to address the underlying causes of your offending.

Instead, Stern will be on a hefty probation period – and in a way he will be serving a prison sentence of his own kind, as the judge noted that he’s lost all of his friends (obviously) and his job (obviously) since the arrest.

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