Man Selling His 3 Bedroom House For An iPhone 6

Would you swap your iPhone 6 for this 3-bedroom house?

After months on the market and several price drops (reaching a ridiculously low $3000), the homeowner of this three-bedroom bungalow on the east side of Detroit, Michigan is willing to trade the property for an iPhone 6.

I don’t know much about Detroit, other than it’s an absolute shit hole, so maybe this isn’t as shocking as it initially sounds.

The man’s estate agent said:

It sounds to me like he wants the iPhone 6+ version, but I think he’s willing to negotiate.

A 3 bedroom property for a £400 phone? Sounds like a sweet deal, until you realise this house will need a bit of work before you move in, not to mention it doesn’t look like the most desirable of neighbourhoods:

Yeah, you’re better off tearing that down completely than refurbishing.

Even still, quite the bargain. We’re gonna hold out for this £240 million apartment in Monaco instead though — they’re bound to drop the price sooner or later.


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