Dude Releases A Rat Into McDonald’s After They Mess Up His Order (VIDEO)

Fine dining.

The #1 way to ruin any restaurant’s reputation – even a McDonald’s – is to dump a rat in the middle of the restaurant and then just step back and watch it do its thing.

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That’s what happened in a busy downtown McDonald’s in Newark, New Jersey this week. Apparently they had got this guy’s order wrong and so instead of hashing things out or moving on with his life like any level-headed person would, he decided on some proper payback.

Complete and utter pandemonium:

Well as expected everyone completely lost their heads as soon as that rat came out of its cage. The saddest part about it though is that it sounds like that was his son’s rat? I think you can hear the poor kid begging his dad not to go through with it, but dad did not care at all. 

Little man probably thought he was going to McDonald’s to get a Happy Meal and ended up watching his pet rat run riot. Not sure who I feel more sorry for – the kid or the rat.

Still, at least no one found the rat in their actual meal… like this poor lady over at KFC.


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