Man Leaves Neighbours Having Loud Sex Hilarious Passive Aggressive Note

When it’s too awkward to confront someone about something, leave a passive aggressive note. That should do the trick.

Ah, the passive aggressive note. Such a good idea in theory, but one that never ever works in practice because the person receiving it is always so pissed off that you haven’t talked to them face to face about your gripe that they almost resolve to make sure they continue to do whatever pisses you off even more. Still, it does feel good writing out those notes doesn’t it?

This one dude might actually have nailed his approach though and it might actually have worked. By using humour (at least we hope) he’s broached a particularly touchy subject and may well have achieved what he wanted. Either way, it got uploaded to imgur and made a bunch of people laugh, so at least he’s got that.

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Loud Sex Passive Aggressive Note


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