This CCTV Footage Is The Absolute Worst Thing You’re Going To Watch All Day

This guy is worse than ISIS.

Kicking someone down a flight of stairs is a crap thing to do, but it’s especially crap when the person you’ve kicked is disabled.

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46-year-old Dean Smith from Stoke-on-Trent  later boasted to police about his kick being “like Bruce Lee”, after he launched his cowardly attack on 60-year-old Gary Hackney while he waited for a coffee shop to open outside a shopping centre.

Apparently Dean had been arguing with two men nearby, before taking out his frustration on defenceless Gary who wasn’t even involved.

Watch the entire clip below:

Firstly, respect to Gary for fighting the guy off somehow. Must have been a good feeling tripping him down that second flight of stairs. Not really the karmic justice we were looking for but it’s something at least.

Still though, what kind of terrible person do you have to be to actually kick a disabled guy down the stairs? That’s got to rank up there with beating up a child or rubbing your balls on a customer’s pizza or something. Apparently this Dean Smith character is a well-know drug addict in those parts but you’ve really got to ask where does someone go in life after beating up a disabled person? Surely you’re not going to go on to do anything positive in life after that? Not without a (literal) kick up the backside and a shit load of guidance anyway.

P.S. Maybe the disabled dude lowkey said something really offensive to him and the CCTV didn’t catch it? Yeah, still no excuse really.


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